Back to “Cool” Fall Fashion with #NordstromRack

My daughter is finishing up week number 4 of school already. Can you believe that? Yeah me either! Some kids haven’t even headed back to school yet and she has been there for a month. We did get a few clothing staples for heading back to school but now we are on the hunt for the back to school fall picks. Which is both of our favorite time of year for wearing clothes. That means we usually pick out the most clothes during Fall.

Mommy has to save some bucks somewhere so hitting up where I can find 70% off on top brands is great for me. I set down with my daughter the other night and we picked out a few really cute options for the fall season. Even better that we are able to pick all of these up for free shipping if we spent over $100. Let me say that is pretty easy to do with all the new arrivals they have each week.




Terrific Hi-Lo Dress | Joe’s Jeans Denim Jacket | Ruby & Bloom footless tights | Steve Madden “Pseudo” Sandals | Little Miss Twin Charm Necklace

No surprise! My daughter picked out a cute little Hi-Lo dress. She is ALL about dresses. She would wear one every day of the week if I let her and has a few that are strictly outside play dresses. You know your daughter is all about the girlie when her play clothes are dresses too. Then because she knows mom is a “must wear leggings” under her dress kind of mom she picked out the cute little ankle length white leggings. Now I don’t mind my daughter wearing dresses without leggings if she is wearing them at home or out and about but at school leggings are a must. You just never know when you are playing at recess your dress is going to ride up. Needless to say we have a big assortment of leggings in this house. She also picked a jean jacket for wearing in the cool classroom and on the days when it starts to get a little chilly. Which here in the mountains is most mornings nowadays. She topped it off with a princess style necklace and I think it turned out to be a cute little fall outfit.




Kaleidoscope Shirred Maxi Dress | Caslon Linen One-Button Jacket | Escapade Flat | Split Arrow Necklace

Like mama like daughter, I also picked a dress. I spend the majority of my time at home in front of this computer working. When I’m not working i’m running errands. Either way I want to be comfortable in all the seasons of the year and that includes fall. I can’t think of much that is more comfortable than maxi dresses. I added a cute little black linen style jacket because my blood runs cold in the mornings. ;) I need something to cover my arms up with but not be too hot so the 3/4 length is the perfect solution for that. I topped my picks off with some trendy flats and a cute little arrow necklace.

I can’t wait for Fall to officially get here. I am so ready for pumpkins, hoodies and crisp Fall mountain air. Anyone else?

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What is your go to Fall fashion?


This post is sponsored by Nordstrom Rack, but opinions, style, and selections are all my own (and my daughter’s).