Rag Tie Valentine Wreath

What You’ll Need:


Fabric Pieces
Wreath Form

This wreath is made pretty much the same way as the rag garland. Cut all your fabric pieces. You will have to adjust the tie lengths depending on your wreath form. If you have a thicker wreath form make longer pieces. I would test fit one to make sure you get the perfect tie length. My heart form, which I bought at Dollar Tree, was small in diameter so I just used 1 inch x 8 inch strips. Once you get your strips cut just start tying on the pieces.

This is the way it will look when you are finished tying on all the pieces.

I wanted to see the heart shape more so I trimmed out the pieces on the inside of the wreath. I didn’t add any embellishments (yet) but I think a cute wood x and o attached to it would look super cute.

I hung my wreath with an extra piece of fabric but you can of course always find some cute ribbon to hang it with.


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