How to mod podge wooden letters!

If you have ever used Mod Podge before, which I’m sure a lot of you have, then you know how it works. For those of you that haven’t here is quick how to. Let me also just say Mod Podge can be addicting, like a kid who wants to glue everything in Kindergarten. Fair warning!


DIY: Mod Podge and Wooden Letters

What you’ll need

1. Wooden Letter or Letters
2. Mod Podge
I used gloss finish but they have matte,antique,ones for fabric, etc. It is crazy at how many options of Mod Podge there is available now.
3. Sponge Brush
I used a craft bristled brush simply because I didn’t have a sponge one available and was to antsy to wait to go pick some up. I definitely suggest sponge over bristle though.


4. Scrapbook Paper

5. Craft Knife or Scissors

If you use scissors then you will probably at least need a craft knife for harder to reach areas. For example, cutting around the corners of the N or the center of the A.

6. Sandpaper
Start by tracing the letter onto your scrapbook paper. If you plan to trace onto the back of your paper remember to reverse your letter otherwise you will have to start all over because when you flip the paper it won’t be lined up.

Once you have the letter or letters traced then you are going to cut them or trim them with your knife. After all your pieces are ready to be Mod Podge you will want to spread a layer of mod podge onto your entire letter. I suggest doing only one letter at a time.

Place the scrapbook paper letter on top, line up all the edges and press down firmly. If you find that you have any bubbles you can just smooth them out with your fingers. At this point you can allow your letter to dry but I always like to put a layer of Mod Podge on top to seal and protect.


Then it’s just a game of wait till all your letters dry. Once the letters are fully dry then you can take your sandpaper and sand the edge gently for a finished look. If you find that your scrapbook paper hung over to much flip the letter over and use your knife to trim any edges. You can also coat with a sealer to rid of any tacky feel that the Mod Podge tends to have once dried.

All done!


If you want to see the lamp in the picture you can go here.


What have you mod podged lately?

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  1. says

    I have not mod podged ever. It looks so cool but I am not sure I’m up to the challenge. I do have some letters to hang on a guestroom wall, though. What did you use to mount them on the wall?

    BTW..thanks so much for adding your link to my blog hop today. Please come back again and again!
    Sinea from Ducks ‘n a Row

    • says

      Mod podging is really easy, if you can glue then i’m sure you will have no problem with it. :) I just hung my daughter’s letters up with a simple nail. They are lightweight and have a spot to hand on a screw or nail in the back.


  2. says

    Thanks for sharing! I used this to do letters for my little ones room and they turned out perfectly! I’d never modge podged either, but now I’m excited to try other projects!

  3. Denise Consitt says

    Hi Melissa

    to trim the overlapping edges with a craft knife seems to rip the paper. Do you have a certain craft knife you use?

    • Melissa Coleman says


      I don’t have an exact craft knife I use. Just a sharp exacto knife. I find that you have to make sure you apply enough pressure otherwise they won’t make a nice even cut. I think they key is having one nice and sharp and then making sure you press down hard enough. Having something you can apply pressure to, I use a piece of Plexiglas for these types of projects, works well too.

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